Posted by: postergirl | January 8, 2007

The Do’s and Don’ts of Digg

Grr! I can’t get this video to embed, so if you’re curious you can check out The Do’s And Dont’s of Digg at Web Pro News.

It’s just under 22 minutes long, so here’s my summary of Neil and Todd’s commentary:

*Don’t expect Digg to be a big sales driver for you. At best you may receive some branding benefit and/or a search engine boost (intangible benefits).
*Digg’s got an algorithm, and don’t you go thinking you can fool it with sock puppet accounts and little groups of your buddies. Digg can spot patterns like a search engine can sniff out link spam and can downgrade votes from users who look fishy. Digg’s not suffering from algorithm growing pains like search engines did.
*Do build up a bona fide profile by networking with other users who Digg the same dirt that you do. Get involved in the community by Digging about 30 stories a day and leaving comments.
*Look for niche categories to focus on like Science. (Hurry, beat the bumrush to the Science category).
*When submitting your own stuff (hey, shouldn’t you NOT be doing that, guys?) don’t submit everything you’ve ever published, focus on what will be useful to the community.
*Use chicklets on your site and be cool like a Nascar driver. If you’re not that cool and / or you just want to focus on the most popular sites, the “Big Three” of social media are Netscape (politics), Digg (tech) and (food…just kidding). If you’ve made it easy to post your articles to these sites, they’ll eventually filter out to smaller social media sites. Reddit was mentioned as a fourth site (politics). I guess Reddit is social media’s answer to Ask

I’d love to hear what your do’s and don’ts of Digg are.


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