Posted by: postergirl | January 10, 2007

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane… It’s Social Media Spam!

Ironic coming from a company that once tried to sue YouTube for copyright infringement, Time Warner’s Superman Returns DVD stunt is exposed by user oneparkave. The video is just under 4 minutes, it’s worth a view. This goes to prove that if you do try to spam social media, you need be way more slick than creating 7,000 fake accounts in one week. Ways to improve? The Superman PR Machine could have paced their sock puppet account creation, taken time to add favorite videos to their accounts, made random comments and at least connected the sock puppets with eachother by adding “friends.” But even if TW had gone this far, it would still be possible to uncover such patterns.

A more effective strategy would be to have created something that was truly unique and that people would naturally like and want to share (viral appeal). But of course, that would take work.

Here’s what YouTube users have to say…

UTube123456 says:

“Who cares if they got 7000 subscribers where none of them are real? By making this video you actually did them a favor. i never came across that channel didn’t even know about this but thanks for letting me know that there’s a superman DVD coming out. if something doesn’t need to be discussed then don’t do a discussion on how its not suppose to be discussed.”

and tyvind says:

” Being your own audience reminds me of Andy Kaufman. Like a little kid doing a play in front of a make-believe audience. There’s a lot of that on Youtube. “

Does outing a corporate behemoth’s shady marketing work for or against the corporate behemoth’s purposes? Do you think this will change the target market’s opinion of the company? Is bad publicity better than no publicity? Would this change your opinion of the movie or Time Warner?



  1. shmuel is way cooler then new superman…

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