Posted by: postergirl | January 15, 2007

Fuelmyblog’s Great Wall of Blogs

For those that remember the Million Dollar Homepage, Kevin Dixie (a Smogger reader) has created the Great Wall of Blogs which is a really neat twist on blog directories. And the best part is that, unlike the Million Dollar Homepage, Kevin Dixie is offering free advertising for your blog, so reserve your space now. You can find Smogger on the East Coast of the Wall. With quite a few spaces to choose from, I decided to scope out my neighbours and decided to camp below fellow social media blogger GreenBlog because A) I think polka dots are rad, and B) I like to be near like minded bloggers and C) GreenBlog is a great example of a media agency blog engaging clients with the company and D) they offer some great free downloads on PR, marketing and branding that I think will be useful to Smogger readers.

FuelMyBlog Screenshot

I just reserved that spot with the X on it. (Now it’s got my avatar up there, but I’m too lazy to retake a screenshot…)

Update: SMOMashup‘s just moved in downstairs.



  1. I *think* I have the space right below you, which seems appropriate, but I couldnt preview my picture so I dont know for sure!

  2. Oh cool, and SMO sandwich!

  3. Thanks for adding yourselves you guys. We are nearing the 500 mark now! There is the radio show about to start, I am on the verge of getting a major US person hitting global headlines to start off the shows..Will release news over the next few days..I love the blog..If anyone is keen to be interviewed by a Brit, let me know (I got a British DJ, not me!!!)


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