Posted by: postergirl | January 19, 2007

Fun With Face Recognition – MyHeritage

The good folks over at MyHeritage have created a neat little piece of linkbait that is even more addictive than Photobooth. As you can see I’ve been having some good silly fun with both Photobooth and the Celebrity Face Recognition app.

Basically what this neat-o tool does is take one of your photos and show you how much you resemble various celebrities — male and female, which is where this gets interesting. According to an uber-intelligent piece of software I am over 60% Lance Bass.

You can also create a keepsake collage to email to friends or post to your blog. Here are a couple examples of me goofing around with my iMac camera, some chicken skewers and the Celebrity tool:

As fun as this might be, I sincerely hope that face recognition technology does improve some before it is applied to serious things like identity verification and national security…



  1. pic is from a year ago..

  2. sorry… tried to add my own.. wouldn’t let me. oh well.

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