Posted by: postergirl | January 27, 2007

E-Commerce Blogging – Free Ebook from Elastic Path

The good folks over at Vancouver’s own E-commerce Shopping Cart Software provider Elastic Path have compiled a stellar report on Blogging For Retailers which is a free download (you don’t even need to “sell” your email address to get it). It takes you through the whole process of determining why your company should blog, how it benefits both you and customers, points out tips to help you succeed and even how to choose your platform. There is also a list of Web 2.0 jargon. At the end you’ll find a list of good online resources to familiarize yourself with the concept of using social media and the blog-o-sphere. If you follow their 11 steps you will have enough to get up and running with.

e-commerce shopping cart software elastic path

They also have come up with a rad acronym for BLOG – Better Listings On Google – which can really help e-commerce websites that may have not much more textual content than some generic product descriptions. (Another reason to custom craft descriptions on your e-commerce site, folks).

E-commerce websites generally have a harder time using social media channels like Digg and social bookmarking sites than websites that are producing articles for syndication or news stories — which lend themselves to that these types of media channels much better than a database of products. So blogging is a more viable option for most online retailers unless they can create a killer viral video to post on Youtube, for example.

E-commerce blogging creates content, a conversation, improves customer service by giving the e-tailer an ear to the ground about candid customer experience and ultimately can improve conversions. And this ebook is a great primer for any etailer who’s considering blogging as part of their social media marketing strategy.



  1. Thanks for checking out the paper. I am working on a followup white paper to sort out “web 2.0” buzzwords and concepts for retailers. While some of these retailers sell hundreds of millions worth of stuff, this whole citizen media revolution is still off their radar (or not used in their sites anywho).

    Will you be at Northern Voice?

  2. Yep, the Moose is on!

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