Posted by: postergirl | January 27, 2007

Personal Reputation Management – Saving Face With Social Networking Sites

Even if you’re not a pavement-pounding recent college grad with a network of kegger-comrades in MySpace, Hi5, Facebook and HotorNot, you’ll enjoy this enlightening and entertaining ebook from Naymz. Naymz

In your time in college I am sure you participated in some “extracurricular activities”, some of which you included on your resume and others you wouldn’t dream of sharing with potential employers. Well, those old, stuffy recruiters and employers you are interviewing with are starting to get pretty smart. They are making a potential investment in you by possibly offering you a job and salary. They realize that a resume and a half hour interview doesn’t tell much about a person. They want to know ALL about you, and without realizing it you are probably offering up more information than you would like about yourself.

I enjoyed a brief stint a couple months ago providing HR input at Image X Media and found myself on the other side of the resume, and it was a whole new world. I actually did check up on some applicants using Google, and found some pretty interesting MySpace pages. One applicant linked to his MySpace profile from his company’s website, where I discovered he had completely lied about his age and education in the resume.

So kids, if you’re gonna fudge the resume, make sure you give this ebook a read…

Download Not Just Your Space – The College Student’s Guide to Managing Online Reputation for free.



  1. I’ve given up on maintaining my own anonymity on the Web, but I can certainly understand why it’s a good idea to at least use a nickname when exposing all your fetishes and college pranks to the world.

    I guess my fetishes and pranks are too boring to pose a risk. There have to be some places that won’t hire you UNLESS you have some weird stuff online…

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