Posted by: postergirl | February 2, 2007

MyBlogLog – It’s Like MySpace…For Bloggers

A few weeks back, Derrick Daye from Branding Strategy Insider clued me in about MyBlogLog. I’ve never really gotten into MySpace myself, but I’m really loving how I can use MyBlogLog to discover new blogs to read by word-of-community. And who doesn’t love to see visually who reads your shtuff and follow them to their blog? This is something that traditional site logs could never do.

Now a Yahoo property, MyBlogLog lets you create a profile where you can list your usernames for other sites like LinkedIn, Flickr, Upcoming, IM/ICQ/Skype, MySpace and so on. Your profile shows all the blogs and traditional websites you author with a simple addition of JavaScript code. Like other social networking sites you can leave comments both in communities and individual profiles — and you have the option of public vs. private comments. You can add anyone as your personal content regardless if they add you back. You can also paste code into your MySpace page to see which MyBlogLog users have visited you there.

Probably the best consequence of such a community is that it’s a great “push” strategy to drive traffic to your site without relying on search engine rankings (pull). Building up a good profile of contacts and reading other blogs, it’s as simple as that. Sometimes all it takes is a provocative avatar.



  1. I’ve never been a MySpacer either. I have to admit, when I first heard about MyBlogLog, I thought “naww, it sounds too gimmicky for my taste”. But then, i decided to try it, and well…I love it! My favorite thing is being able to match a face to a visitor instead of an IP address or location name “Cleveland, OH”. I’ve discovered so many blogs, for so many things, that I never would’ve found otherwise and never would’ve looked for or thought that I’d like.

  2. Welcome to the clan! Wondering if others tend to find only people with the same interests?

  3. It’s inevitable that some people are going to exploit this for sake of building their own “popularity” — just like MySpace. Is that spamming? I’d say so. I also think there is appeal for real community within MyBlogLog for people actually interested in information around a topic like web design or social media marketing, rather than a big network of people who know people and / or want to “hook up” with other people and write disgusting comments on eachothers’ pages. To be honest, I can’t stand MySpace for that very reason.

  4. I’ve done it, see myself on this very blog, but I don’t know if I did it correctly on my own blog.

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