Posted by: postergirl | February 13, 2007


Quixtar – The Land of Will – on Dateline

Posts have been scant on Smogger as I’ve been clobbered by the flu. But laughter is the best medicine, as they say, so here is some multilevelmarketing humour to tide you over 😛

This is really funny to me, as right out of high school I was dragged by an employer to a “business meeting” in a hotel over in Burnaby. It was really classy how we took the Skytrain there… anyway. My boss told me the presenter at the “meeting” thought I was “sharp” and wanted a personal interview. So the three of us met up at Denny’s in Surrey. (Triple Classy!) The Quixtar recruiter told me I could own my own business by selling toothbrushes and other household items to my friends and recruiting others to start their own businesses under me. That this is called “residual income.” And that I would get more takers if I told them I thought they were “sharp.” I remember asking him “aren’t you a pyramid scheme?” And he told me it was impossible to be a pyramid scheme if someone under you could earn more than you.

Sigh. That was my first and last encounter with multilevel marketing.

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