Posted by: postergirl | February 15, 2007

Hugg – Like Digg, For Green News

I stumbled upon this niche-digg-like site today called Hugg, a new project by TreeHugger. Hugg fills the chasm for user-generated green news in cyberspace. Like Digg, users can rate shared stories by “Hugging” them (awww). I suppose if you’re really committed to a cause you’d chain yourself to the story in protest, but Hugg is a lot more reminiscent to it’s Digg counterpart than “Chainn,” and a lot less extreme. I guess Chainn would be a niche within a niche. Anyway, I love this site, and as I’m researching more and more about biodiesel for a client, I think I’ll be hanging out with the tree huggers a bit more. And I love to see what stories are popular among green-minded folks, it gives me an “ear to the ground” for content to recommend for my client’s website and promotional materials.


“Hugg is a place to post and harvest the latest on green architecture, transportation, fashion, alternative energy, politics, products and technology. It’s green media, by you, for you!”



  1. I agree. I’ve always wanted digg to expand into different topics and I’m happy to see Treehugger create a digg like clone for eco-news. Hopefully this will be a place to rally people around environmental issues.

  2. Is there a social media site for those of us who don’t believe a word from the ecofascist lobby?

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