Posted by: postergirl | March 7, 2007

Social Media Sites Built With Drupal

Check out some fresh social media sites using Drupal as their content management platform:

Gimme20 Now you have no excuse for not working out, with a community of fitness buffs and wannabes and a whack of tools to help you achieve your goals and educate yourself about healthy lifestyles.

NowPublic The Vancouver participatory news site that’s defining Citizen Journalism with over 140 journalists around the globe.

A community for youth workers and students across Canada.

(Drupal design and development by Image X Media).

Music Buggy Online music community built to connect musicians, podcasters and music fans. Artists can post upcoming shows and share inependently producted audio and video.

Know of any other social media sites built with Drupal? Post a comment!



  1. […] Poster girl provides link to Social Media sites built using Drupal […]

  2. Hi, Please, check out it is also a social networking site built around a heavily modified version of Drupal.

  3. I’ve just been at the Drupal Conference in Barcelona and compiled a list of News and Social News Websites built with Drupal.
    More here: Websites built with Drupal

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