Posted by: postergirl | March 9, 2007

Google Personalized Results’ Impact on Social Media Optimization

Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land (makes me think of Leprechauns, sorry Danny) wrote a FABULOUS article explaining the innies and outies of Google’s Personalized Search (for you navel gazing searchketeers). What it means to you as a USER, and what it means to you as an Internet marketer/website owner. Complete with screenshots, so do yourself a favour and check it out. But I want to highlight a couple points.

Anyone who has a Google account for Gmail, Adwords, Adsense, Analytics etc is by default shown personalized results until you turn it off. (Have you noticed a HUGE jump in your search engine rankings lately? Make sure you have personalized search turned off or you sign out of your account). The article goes into lots of detail about how you can do this and I won’t repeat it here.

One big concern to webmasters and the SEO/SMO industry is if everyone is being shown different search results, how do you measure SEO success? And what can you do to “SMO” your site to improve your rankings in personal search?

Danny offers some good takeaway for SMO’s:

Don’t Fear The Personal Results!

The change is good news for searchers. It’s also good news for site owners with good content, who should get rewarded by visits. That’s especially so if you try these tips:

* Titles & Descriptions are crucial: You need the clickthrough more than ever. Clickthroughs get your site as seen as possibly important to a particular person’s profile.

* Get on the Google personalized homepages of searchers. That means offering them a feed or a gadget and encouraging take-up with an Add To Google buttons.

* Put Google Bookmark buttons on your site, such as the one offered by AddThis. Getting bookmarked also helps you be seen as important.

If you haven’t heard, Google has come out with its own bookmarking tool called…drumroll please…”Google Bookmarks.” (Good thing Google bought YouTube, otherwise it would have been called “Google Video Upload” or something equally boringly branded — though “Blogger” was very 2.0 😀 )

What you bookmark with Google Bookmarks can influence what search engine results you see. So encouraging people to Google Bookmark your site (could they just call it “Booger?”)…ahem. So making it easy for someone to Booger your e-commerce department store when they view your “Farrah Fawcett lunchbox” could help your site rank well for a future search by this user for “oven mitts” and perhaps boost your relevance for other searchers looking for Farrah food storage items too by virtue of how that first searcher tagged your site.

This could get very interesting. Perhaps Google Bookmarks are the new reciprocal links…I wonder how long it takes before webmasters are trading Boogers with eachother?


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