Posted by: postergirl | March 23, 2007

Beyond Wiki – Collaborative Software For Office 2.0

Mashable lists 8 new social startups who will be presenting at the Under the Radar: Why Office 2.0 Matters conference in Mountain View, CA. These companies provide web-based collaborative tools that can help your team make cooler slideshows, share Excel documents and keep track of your employee’s birthdays better 🙂

Two that stick out to be innovative are:

Spresent – Spresent provides a web-based alternative to PowerPoint. Their Adobe flash-based service is optimized to create feature-rich presentations that can incorporate YouTube videos and Flickr photos. Presentations are shared online, and prove to be far more engaging than a PowerPoint presentation.

Stikkit – Post-it meets wiki. Stikkit, a recent SXSW finalist, lets you type notes on your Stikkits, and they’ll be kept up to date. Shared Stikkits can be edited, making it a mobile wiki. Email yourself a Stikkit for it to be automatically converted into an email format for furthered sharing purposes.

Thanks to Mashable for this nice summary.



  1. Hey,

    Saw this on mashtracker – thanks for the link. I gotta say this is an awesome blog template – never seen it before.

  2. Peace people

    We love you

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