Posted by: postergirl | March 30, 2007

Google Notebook Test Drive

Just stumbled across Google Notebook – a Firefox extension that looks like it could be a killer competitor for So I downloaded it and am going to try it out for a couple weeks and report how effective or useful I have found it for my own use, and invite you to do the same and post your comments. Google’s a bit of a late entrant into social bookmarking like it was with email accounts but the Gmail system was worth the wait and I’m liking what I see about Google Notebook so far.

Google Notebooks

Here’s some more information:



  1. I’ve been using Google notebook for a while, but use it quite a bit differently than — I’m curious as to what you think of it after using it for a while. I haven’t come across any social aspects to it in my ordinary usage of it.

    Google must indeed think of it as an important part of their grand scheme as they’ve recently added it to the list of top tool links on search result pages for logged in users.

    My gut feeling is the relative lack of social networking in the Google world (aside from Orkut) is something that they are going to deal with all of a sudden in a very comprehensive fashion. If I were them, it’s the kind of thing I’d like to really get right before I risk rolling it out as it will probably touch upon most of their existing services and a flop here would be real blow to them.

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