Posted by: postergirl | April 14, 2007

Live Life, Blog About It. Review

I was approached by a web 2.0 startup to do a review on for which I have received compensation for the time to objectively review the site. I assure you the opinions are my own, however as a proponent of transparency in social media, just wanted to let you know 😉

Prapta, taken from the Sanskrit verb “to accomplish,” is like a big social media to-do list. The site allows you to browse from a smorgasbord of “life experiences” (or add your own), blog about them, find others who have done them, and keep track of and share all your to dos and dones.

Prapta’s Props:

Users get a profile page similar to MySpace/Bebo/Hi5 in layout, with the ability to switch colour themes/font or upload your own background. All the conventional apps are there including comments, messages, add to friends, upload photos and personal profile information.

As a 100% JavaScript (JSON/AJAX) site, Prapta has the ability to incorporate site wide instant messaging and chatrooms and load quickly. The developers are also very spam and security conscious, and have planned ahead to avoid some of the problems experienced with MySpace such as security hacks.

Users can upload embedded YouTube videos, and soon will be able to upload their own videos right into Prapta.

Prapta’s Flops:

Unfortunately this site is so new, I couldn’t really play around enough to get a real feel of it with only a handful of members and a trickle of user-generated content.

A couple things Prapta could use at this point (or make more clear if these features are available) are:

1. Allow you to create a myspace-esque url to post on your blog so your readers can come visit you 🙂
2. A lot more information about the benefits of signing up before you actually sign up. I had to do a lot of digging to find out more about the service before I registered for an account.

With the tagline “Whoever has done the most wins” however, it begs the question what is the prize? Bragging rights? Social cred? Cold hard cash? McDonald’s gift certificates? Let’s face it there is a LOT of social media fare to choose from and for users, social networking takes time. And if you’re promising a reward for gettin’ bizzay with the system, you better make it clear what it is and support your offer with compelling reasons to join the network.

All in all I think Prapta is a unique idea (though similar to 43 Things) and has potential to take off, especially for young people traveling and other adventurous types. But Prapta’s real challenge will be getting that critical mass of users. Until this happens the few members already workin’ it will not get the full benefit of its fun features.



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