Posted by: postergirl | May 8, 2007

Free E-commerce Usability Report from Elastic Path

Attention etailers!

Ever wished you could get your hands on an in-depth report on the Internet’s Top 100 online retailers’ checkout strategies?

“Check out” Elastic Path’s free eCommerce Checkout Report (or just download it) if you sell products online. The report is broken down by industry, which is even more useful. Also valuable to hold your site up to the list of tactics, you may see opportunities to close gaps for your own estore.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in the report:

1. Is navigation/search available during checkout?
2. What is the number of pages in the checkout process?
3. Is there coupon code entry?
4. Can you edit items during checkout?
5. Is Ajax used within the checkout?
6. Does creating an account or logging in take you out of the checkout?
7. How are errors displayed?
8. Are alternative payment types accepted?
9. Is live chat prevalent during checkout?
10. Is a phone number prevalent during checkout?
11. Is an address prevalent during checkout?
12. Are return policies prevalent during checkout?
13. Can you see shipping estimates prior to entering personal information?
14. Is a security badge displayed?
15. Is an estimated shipping date displayed?
16. Can you checkout as a guest or anonymously?
17. Are cart items always visible during checkout?
18. Is the cart total always visible during checkout?
19. Is a CVV number required?
20. Is a final order confirmation screen used?
21. Are cross-sells displayed on the cart page?
22. Are cross-sells displayed during checkout?
23. Can gift wrapping or messaging be added to items?
24. BONUS: What form of shipping is used?



  1. good job,
    really nice post

    uSd 4 EveR

  2. This is one very interesting report.

    Having had a quick scan through, yes, it does remind me of the first thing that they taught me in sales – once the customer has decided to go for it, shut up!

    More relevantly, what I think it means in online sales terms, and what I believe this report shows (the authors seem to suggest that no conclusions can be drawn , but I disagree) is that, once the customer decides to buy, keep distractions, such as extra pages to stumble over, phone numbers to think about (ooh…I wonder what area code that number is….doesn’t Sadie live somewhere near there?) to an absolute minimum.

    Decision made, get the purchase completed asap, is what it shouts at me! KISS reigns online….


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