Posted by: postergirl | May 10, 2007

Facebook Addiction and Why You Should Tag With Reckless Abandon

Facebook Addiction is a blog I stumbled upon in Technorati today while searching its top searches. Despite having only a month’s worth of posts, I was able to find the Facebook Addiction blog while surfing the “Facebook” tag in technorati. Even if this newbie blog isn’t getting any search engine rankings–yet (for the notoriously competitive term “Facebook” nonetheless!), daily posting and tagging with facebook related tags can bring in very targeted traffic for Facebook Addiction.

Facebook the network is growing by a reported 1 Million new users per week. I admit I myself am hooked since joining early February 🙂 so I look forward to following Facebook Addiction. The Image X team (my social media friendly employer) is all connected, too. So I don’t need this, but Facebook Addiction offers some assistance to addicts who have been shut out at work or school from using Facebook. I am in no way endorsing this tool, although it did give me a chuckle.

Are you a Facebook Addict? Post a comment and confess! Did you find this blog through Technorati tags? Then please leave a comment 🙂

And remember when optimizing your blog posts to check out Technorati’s popular tags and tag, tag, tag your posts.



  1. Wow! Thanks for blogging about my site! I just happened to find this using Google’s blog search.

    The site actually started as just a joke with my friends and our little Facebook addictions. I just put up a quick little WordPress site and threw up a few related videos to share with my friends. Little did I know that Google’s spider was going to love it too. After submitting it to a bunch of social bookmarking sites I realized that I was getting ranked in Google for a lot of Facebook related terms.

    Now I am working on making the site a bit more useful and with better information while at the same time, getting it ranked for more keywords.

    About the proxy tool I blogged about — I find it very interesting that during work and school hours, my search engine traffic increases by quite a bit for terms like ‘facebook proxy’ or ‘unblock facebook’. I guess a lot of work places and schools have been blocking it. Then in the evening I get no traffic from these terms. I get a chuckle out of this….I’m such a geek.

    I’ve been reading your blog and it’s very interesting. I’ll definately be coming back.


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