Posted by: postergirl | May 10, 2007

Jennifer Laycock on Why You Need To Go Deeper Than Digg

Webpronews caught up with the darling of Search Engine Guide Jennifer Laycock recently. She commented on why Digg can’t be the only egg in your social media marketing basket. She dispells the myth that getting a story big on Digg will get you lots of links and lots of traffic that drives conversions. She acknowledges Digg’s ability to send you a bunch of visitors quickly, and even its positive effect on search rankings (provided many users start linking to your submission), but experience shows that engagement rates, return visits and conversions are not typical with this social media marketing strategy.

She also touches on social marketing “fit” — is your target audience even USING social media? Plus she comments on the recent acquisition of Photobucket by MySpace, and of course, her breastfeeding champion blog the Lactivist.

Check it out!

(Unfortunately the embed feature isn’t working with my site, so here’s the link: )



  1. hey jenifer her is the embed link

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