Posted by: postergirl | May 15, 2007

Another Meme… Blogs That Make You Go HMMMM….

Now I trust you are going to have that catchy dance tune circa 1990 stuck in your head after this.

I’ve been tagged by fellow social media blog aficianado Michael Brito for the Blogs That Make You Go Hmmmm meme. An honor!

OK, here’s my 5. If YOU’RE on this list, consider yourself TAGGED. (If you’re in Korea, you’re tagged upon arrival back home, he he.)

1. TellTenFriends

Jordan Behan’s marketing blog does a great job of blending fun commentary on social media and Web 2.0 with stories of his family and friends, bringing a human face to his Vancouver based company’s feed.

2. My Name Is Kate

I first came across Kate when I discovered her amazingly successful Squidoo lens on laptop bags. When I found out she was a fellow VanCity loc I dropped her a line. After discovering her blog on Jordan’s blogroll, and then her name in the Barcamp Vancouver Facebook Group, I am now planning to tap her on the shoulder at this August’s Barcamp 🙂

Kate blogs about branding, e-marketing, reading, blogging, user experience design, ritual theory, information design, information architecture, new technology.

Now since we’re on the theme of retro hits, I can’t help but confess I’m humming “My Name Is Kate, and I am Funky” (well her laptop case lens sure is).

3. Blogging Me, Blogging You (Are these all going to sound like songs?)

British import Ed Lee blogs about Social Media and PR. And my favourite thing about his blog is it’s visual. From social media bingo to Great White North beer commercials, Ed’s got the blog when you need some educational entertainment.

4. Craphammer

Well, with a name like Craphammer, it’s gotta be good. But seriously, Sean the Ultimate Frisbee warrior, much like Ed Lee, highlights his social media insight with video, photos and humour. Think, LOL, Think, LOL, Repeat.

5. BuzzCanuck

BuzzCanuck is pretty much THE Canadian marketing blog. Sean Moffitt publishes beefy pieces on how the big brands are using social media. Always a good read.

DISCLAIMER: The fact that these blogs are all Canadian is purely coincidental.



  1. Hi, Linda .. thanks for the link and the awesome description (now I’m humming in my head)! Will have to meme it up 🙂

  2. Hey PosterGirl!

    Thanks for the link. Oh wait. But now I’m tagged. Gah!!! 😉

  3. Hope that song’s outta your head now Kate.

    Hahn hahn! Time for a smashup Sean.

  4. so i was tagged…and it didn’t hurt a bit!

    i’m honoured to be thought of so highly – i’ll do my best to pass on the link love


  5. Ya totally, tagging is a lot more gentle than Facebook pokes. I’m waiting for a social media site that allows you to tackle someone.

  6. Thanks for the link, and the meme that I must reciprocate. As if i wasn’t busy enough, trying to catch up on everything after my trip.

    Cute though how you excused me for the time being while I was away, though.

    I’ll try to come up with a unique five that I like; hopefully at least one of them makes you go “hmmm…”

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