Posted by: postergirl | May 25, 2007

New Facebook Applications In The Works

Mashable’s done it again with a killer list of goodies to add to your Facebook profile. Facebook’s taken a few smart moves so far:

1. Opening up to the development community (take THAT MySpace) to create such killer apps
2. Playing hardball with corporate schills offering millions of bills…Zuckerberg should accept no less than 5 BILLION dollars, ha ha.
3. Keeping the system a lot tighter than MySpace in terms of spam


1. They killed off the Facebook “dude,” he brought personality to the Facebook…kinda cute for a jpeg (just kiddin’ 😉 )

(Mark Zuckerberg blows off his fat-pocketed suitors, mwahahahaha)

Let me know which apps you are using/can’t wait to use!!

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  1. Right now, I use the Audio and the Simpsons Quote apps. Both work great!

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