Posted by: postergirl | May 26, 2007

Social Shopping Site Collection

I’ve teamed up with the Elastic Path Blog “Get Elastic” on a roundup of social shopping sites. Basically these sites are mashups that resemble Digg, and MySpace somehow.

Basically I have dugg up all the social shopping sites I could and gave a brief summary of each. Many being newly minted social startups. I loosely categorized them into social bookmarking-style shopping sites, deal/coupon social shopping sites and comparison shopping engines that have exceptional social shopping features. How many times can I say social shopping in one sentence? 😛

My personal favorites are:

Kaboodle (please add me as a friend, I’m “stretchpantz”)



Want the details, well go check out the post… It’s written to e-tailers primarily, but you may discover social shopping sites that you just wanna sign up to enjoy their friendly goodness. I’m curious what you’re experiences with social network style shopping are.

This is the first of a series of blog posts I will be contributing to EP, so go ahead and just subscribe to Elastic Path already!



  1. Wists is my favorite, and I didn’t see it on the list over there. I use Five Limes sometimes too, but you already have that one. Go check out Wists, as it is also a fantastic way to build links into ecommerce sites.

    Great list. Thanks!

  2. I like the concept of social networking for shopping and other features in Elastic Path. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Linda,

    You might also like to consider adding to your Social Shopping Site Collection. It’s a site where you can ask a shopping question, and get answers from real people on the best deals.

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