Posted by: postergirl | June 19, 2007

Web 2.0 Jargon Generator

If you remember the Bull-ish (this is a family blog) Generator, or even if you don’t, we now have an updated version over at to keep us amused at work.


Here are some sample buzzwords:

    reinvent podcasting synergies

    beta-test undefined APIs

    incentivize user-contributed wikis

    post dynamic folksonomies

    integrate user-centred tagclouds

    incentivize user-contributed value

and my favourite

    disintermediate rss-capable platforms




  1. years ago “Web Economy Bullshit Generator generator” was an early social media hit with developers who were busy spamming engines with meta tags. Thanks for taking me for a stroll down memory lane.

  2. Hey Marty, thanks for dropping a comment. Ya, back in college one of our web marketing profs showed us the Dack BS generator, it was part of the curriculum!!

  3. Oh wow. I might push these to some of our sales team for a laugh!

  4. […] Got a technology project that’s running behind? Need funding for a new technology startup? All you need is the right words and everything is fine. And er…this tool combined with a few buzzphrases and a good name for your project / company and you’re all set! (hat tip: Smogger) […]

  5. Thats great and easy to use web based logo (web2.0) generator. Thanks for sharing.

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