Posted by: postergirl | October 9, 2007

Google Buys Jaiku – What Will This Mean For Twitter?

Is Google planning to take over the world one social media app at a time? Just announced, Google’s bought cat-blogging social network Jaiku. And isn’t that every startup’s dream, to get bought out by the big G? My question is, why didn’t Google buy Twitter? Do you use Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce? Do you think Google’s acquisition will hurt Twitter? And how long before Google buys Facebook?

On a side note, I just can’t say “Pownce” without conjuring up images of cat food and hairball treatment 😉 Talk about “cat-blogging!”

Pounce hairball treatment



  1. Twitter makes no sense to me, and I’ve never tried Jaiku or Pownce, but honestly, these kind of applications make me feel old and out of touch, because I honestly don’t “get” why folks – at least those out of school – would have much care or use for this.

    Yep, I’m old.

  2. It’s good for marketing yourself, if you’re a blogger, you can post the latest links to your blog in tinyurl format. I also have an interview over here with Magnolia’s Todd Sieling on how websites/services might find it useful:

  3. I think the acquisition is just part of an overall strategy to boost their Orkut social networking product so that they can compete with Nokia in the Mobile space. I’ve blogged my point of view about it here:

  4. […] Google Buys Jaiku […]

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