Posted by: postergirl | February 23, 2008

Please Vote For My Icanhascheezburger Caption

I had the awesome privilege of attending September’s Annual Summit in Las Vegas – staying at the lovely Luxor and enjoying the most amazing ice cream from Svendsen’s.

We don’t have Svendsen’s here in Canada, so all I can hope is that someday I win a caption contest for ICanHazCheeseburger plus $500 spending money. With Svendsen’s double scoop at $6 a pop, I can almost haz 100 servings of ice cream. Then I can haz Jenny Craigs when I get back.

What else is cool is this contest was the idea of Neil Patel, who also did a neat little social media webinar with us last year, and was also kickin’ around at, rockin’ the social media panels.

Here’s my entry and link to vote for me! Please spread the link to your friends if you like, it’s my birthday on Thursday and that would make an excellent virtual gift from my virtual friends.

Vote for Me!


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