Posted by: postergirl | August 4, 2008

Top Eleven Reasons I Want To Win a Blogworld Expo Pass

This post is in response to John Chow’s contest for a free pass to Blogworld Expo. To enter, you just have to write a post on why you want to / deserve to go. Because Top Eleven Lists are the new Top Ten Lists, here’s my top eleven reasons why I should win this pass…

11. I recently won a Marketing Pilgrim blogging contest which includes free passes to the fabulous SES San Jose and a Future Now workshop in an exotic location to-be-announced, I believe lightning can strike twice in one summer, and that I can also win the Blogworld pass from Vancouver’s and the world’s favorite dot-com-mogul, John Chow.
10. I’ve got lots of blogger friends on Facebook, Twitter, MyBlogLog and StumbleUpon and it would be really cool if they got to meet me 😛
09. Because every year Linda doesn’t get to go to Blogworld, someone kills a kitten.
08. Blogworld needs mo’ ladies.
07. My soul is only worth $400, and if I don’t win this pass, I will have to sell my very soul for the pass. Trust me, el diablo’s not hard to find in Vegas.
06. Because I was disqualifiedz from da Cheezburger contest cuz Iz Canadian.
05. Armed with a Flip Camcorder, I’ll be podcasting! (If I can find one in Canada…)
04. What goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except, if I go to Blogworld, I’ll apply my newfound knowledge on
03. I’ll be in Vegas already Sept 15-17 blogging for the Blog. And if you’ve ever experienced a rainy September in Vancouver, you understand why I want to extend my stay in the desert!
02. My co-blogger-in-crime, Jason Billingsley, will be a speaker at Blogworld this year. I want to be there to live-blog his session for
01. Because I’m the first post out of the gate!

Image credit: Heather Champ via Flickr



  1. Hey Linda,

    Congrats on winning a ticket to Blog World. Looking forward to meeting you there. I wonder if we’re the only Canadian women going?

    ~ Merlene

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