About Linda

Hey there,

My name is Linda Bustos. I’m an Ecommerce Consultant with Elastic Path Software, a killer ecommerce software platform, where I blog on a more consistent basis on the GetElastic Ecommerce blog about social media marketing for online retailers and other ecommerce articles.

Prior to joining EP I was the Director of Internet Marketing at Image X Media, a drupal web design and development firm, specializing in Drupal content management systems. From time to time I guest blog on their Drupal blog.

I love living on the West Coast, and working on my iMac. Oh, and I love public speaking at conferences and unconferences like Northern Voice and DemoCamp where I’ve been known to get a linda bit loco.

And, analytics! Catch my interview with Rich Page.

Linda Bustos is My Homegirl

Connect with me on Linda Bustos’ LinkedIn



  1. You have a ‘thinkers blog.’ It’s great. Derrick

  2. Yup, really good. You’ve got alink at http://www.jeremyjacobs.com

  3. Thanks Derrick and Jeremy 🙂

  4. Have you ever been to Denmark??

  5. love the new blog design…have a great weekend.

  6. Thanks Michael, you too. I’ll try with all the rain we’re having over here. Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re having similar weather 🙂

  7. Nice getting to share a Fatih with you today! Have a great weekend.

  8. 20% off Fatihs for Zee-listers…Tasty.

  9. Hey,
    We have an invitation only blog network. In it we would make your blog a part of our network. Which means that whenever an article on your blog is posted which is suitable for our site, it will be posted on our main page too and we would link back to your blog. Also, when advertisements are put up, we will share our revenue with you. So, while we get content from you, you get additional visitors, link back and additional revenue.
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  10. Hey missing the updates!

  11. Hi Tabz,
    All updates are happenin’ over at getelastic.com, I *highly* recommend subscribing 😀

  12. thought you might enjoy this white paper


  13. Hi there. Just went to add your blog to my feedreader and noticed something buggy. The AddThis code appears to be for a blog called Soccer Spot, not this Smogger blog – at least when I tried to add to Feedburner. Just fyi.

  14. Hi – I have been looking for an email to contact you at but haven’t found one. I am the co-founder of filmcrave.com, a social network dedicated to movie lovers. No – not just another social network. Ours has some good technology and is very easy to use. It is much deeper than our competitors. Check it out when you get a chance. Please contact me back at the email I provided.

  15. Hi Linda,

    Just found your blog. I enjoyed your title.

    Looking forward to reading more.



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