Drupal Web Design and Development

If you’re looking to develop a professional web presence, e-commerce or social media web site with an integrated blog, forum, newsletter, collaborative content management system function, podcasting, image galleries and more, you want your web site built with Drupal. Drupal is a powerful content management system that is extremely user friendly on the back end (meaning it’s easy for you to update yourself!)

I used to work as an SEO/SEM consultant for an awesome web design company called Image X Media, and that’s how I learned about Drupal and had the chance to use Drupal on client sites and compare it to other content management systems I had previously worked with. From an SEO/PPC perspective, I have to tell you how easy it is to load Google Analytics on Drupal sites, how Drupal automatically creates search-engine friendly URLs and how simple it is to set up permanent redirects. It also gives you great control over title tags and other page elements.

There were times when I was doing SEO, PPC and adding content to client sites that were built with clunky white-labeled CMS from their web design companies. Talk about a headache trying to get redirects set up, change title tags and create new content with clean URLs. Honestly, you can get a really nice front end if you find a Drupal theming expert who knows what they’re doing (because Drupal theming can be challenging and frustrating) and get a user friendly back end. Drupal is also becoming popular among educational institutions which require powerful infrastructures and need to be cutting edge and cool, like high school and college kids 😉

Plus, since it’s open source, there are programmers all around the world committed to developing new and improved modules to give Drupal sites all the cool bells-and-whistles that make for killer social networks and other customizations.

I had fun with the Image X team at the most recent Drupal Camp here in Vancouver and picked up a very groovy, bamboo eco-friendly t-shirt. If you’re into Drupal, consider visiting the West Coast of BC. You’ll find lots of Drupaliers here to get geeky with.

If you wanna check out what Image X has done with the Drupal CMS, check out their gallery of Drupal sites!



  1. Ich erklare meinen Freunden uber diese Seite. Interessieren!

  2. Not sure what that means but cool! I’ll have to get my mom to translate for me 🙂

  3. I agree..Drupal is one of the coolest cms..

  4. Yeah, drupal is the best. I hope, that i’ll find some beautifull design templates 😉

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