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Heave Better Attraction! Yes You Can!

Hands down the funniest Facebook Ad I’ve seen to date:

Heave Better Attraction

What on Earth could this possibly mean? Amazing results as in:

a. Reduction of heaving through drugs and pills, therefore better attractiveness to others
b. Reduction of heaving induced by drugs and pills, therefore better attractiveness to others
c. Have better attraction, this is just a typo, the rest explains itself
d. Train yourself on drugs and pills, pose as a doctor, move to Mexico, set up your own cancer clinic/plastic surgery outfit and watch the money and the women roll in
e. SEX! Now that we have your attention, read our drugs and pills blog!

Any other stabs in the dark??

Posted by: postergirl | January 20, 2008

2008 Is Off To A Great Start

Lions Gate BridgeIt’s been far too long since I’ve posted here on Smogger. As you may or may not know, I’m blogging full time for Elastic Path, an ecommerce software company. Get Elastic is an ecommerce blog and I post every weekday so do subscribe, pleease!

A New Year’s resolution of mine is to post more often here on Smogger. I’ve decided to turn the focus from social media discussion and advice to highlighting the hip and happenin’ tech community here in Vancouver (or “Vangroovy” as some refer to it). Over the past couple months, I’ve met social network startup founders, Facebook developers, bloggers, podcasters, photographers and other hip-cats and I feel blessed to live in a city that is so vibrant.

I thought I’d kick off 2008 with 8 pieces of news I’m excited about (and we’re only half way thru January)

  • This Thursday I’m teaming up with the legendary Jason Billingsley for a webinar “12 Things To Learn From Christmas” – it’s an ecommerce focused session, but I believe any marketer could get some value out of it. (Sign up if you like). This is my first live webinar so wish me luck.
  • Last year I waited too long to register for Moose Camp / Northern Voice and was shut out *sob.* This year I’ll be sharing some tips on social media 101 for the Internet Boot Camp portion of the un-conference, so at least I’m guaranteed to get in this time!
  • Yesterday Get Elastic showed over 1500 subscribers. Sure, it was likely due to a glitch with Feedburner (Rohit Bhargava’s Facebook status tipped me off) – but we’re not that far off from that number. I want to see 2000 subscribers by September. I think that’s a reasonable goal.
  • Smogger is still #1 in Google for “Social Media Blog” (thanks Jordan Behan for including me on the Z list shortly after this blog’s launch, which is the major reason why this is so) and even #10 for “social media” — and has been for about a year. You’d think that would bring in more traffic than it does, but hey, bragging rights. Actually, my top referring keyword every month, by a LANDSLIDE is “Leprechaun.” Go fig. I’m bracing for a wave of traffic in mid-March, LOL.
  • Get Elastic made the AdAge Power 150 not long ago, we sort of hover around the 150 mark, and would probably be much higher if Google Reader count was included. Our highest position was in the 70’s.
  • Elastic Path made this year’s Ready to Rocket list again this year, which means the company is outperforming the IT sector by a whole bunch. Sure I have nothing to do with this but I’m happy for the EP crew that work so hard to get us there.

Photo credit: Suprabiz

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Mashup YouTube Videos with Searchles Video Editor

Ever wanted to slice and dice a YouTube video to mash up something new?

Searchles TV Remash is a recently launched social search and social networking hybrid with an online video-editing tool that allows you to edit ANY YouTube video and mashup the video cuts. You get your own Searchles channel which is a player that streams the video clips back-to-back seamlessly, and the Searchles Remasher gives you an in-browser editing tool without plug-ins or downloads.

You can also embed your mashups or others’ anywhere you want and any updates you make to your creation will automatically update wherever your Remash channel is posted — pretty cool.

You can pull existing videos from your Searchles profile, or search for relevant videos within the full Searchles video library or even YouTube. And you can edit all your videos on one page.

Like other social networks, you can make friends, create and join groups and surf tags…you know.

Here’s some tips for workin’ the Searchles popularity system:

Have you given this tool a test drive? Post a link to your video in the comments!

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Stalk Stumble Upon Rockstars With StumbleRank Top 100

Stumble RankEver wondered who the power-Stumblers are? Well now you can check out the StumbleUpon leaderboard over at StumbleRank.

Remember, this table works like a spreadsheet so you can click on any heading to “sort by.” For example, I sorted the table by # of Fans (because all social media really is just a popularity contest, right? 😉


The stats are updated every 12 hours.

Remember, StumbleUpon limits you to 200 friends, but you can have unlimited fans. So your chances are slim these stumble-rati are gonna friend you back when they’ve got 5,000 fans already, but if they’re stumbling items of interest, go ahead and friend for that reason.

If you’re feeling competitive, you may want to put on a pot of coffee and get stumbling for the next…ohhh…6 weeks straight.

Thanks to Muhammad Saleem for the heads up, which won my thumbs up. Muhammad happens to be the brains behind StumbleRank. Good times!

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Larry and Sergey as Two-Headed Ghoulgle


Via GetElastic.

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Linda Bustos is Your Homegirl

Just having some fun with Photoshop today. I may not be posting much here on Smogger since joining ecommerce software solution provider Elastic Path, but I’m still Postergirl, and I am still your homegirl.

Linda Bustos is your homegirl

Posted by: postergirl | October 9, 2007

Google Buys Jaiku – What Will This Mean For Twitter?

Is Google planning to take over the world one social media app at a time? Just announced, Google’s bought cat-blogging social network Jaiku. And isn’t that every startup’s dream, to get bought out by the big G? My question is, why didn’t Google buy Twitter? Do you use Twitter/Jaiku/Pownce? Do you think Google’s acquisition will hurt Twitter? And how long before Google buys Facebook?

On a side note, I just can’t say “Pownce” without conjuring up images of cat food and hairball treatment 😉 Talk about “cat-blogging!”

Pounce hairball treatment

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Social Media Marketing Webinar

It’s official, I have signed on as the Emerging Media Analyst with the ecommerce software afficionados Elastic Path and will be blogging a whole lot more for the GetElastic ecommerce blog (now that it’s my day job). So if you haven’t already, go ahead and hit “subscribe” on GetElastic, if you want all the latest on social media and usability.

I had a blast this week at‘s Annual Summit in Las Vegas, where EP’s VP of Innovation Jason Billingsley kindly invited me to speak with him on user generated content for fun AND profit. You can catch the summary in a 5 part series we like to call the “Social Media Guide” complete with links. We also spent days into the wee hours of the night preparing a thorough list of over 110 ecommerce websites using various types of social media (Secondlife, MySpace, Facebook apps and groups, Twitter feeds and video podcasts) for your inspiration.
Keep an eye on this list as we’ll be continually updating it.

But what’s even more exciting is our free webinar happening Wednesday, October 10, 2007 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM PDT with special guest Neil Patel, potentially the best Digger that ever Dugg and the host of RushHour radio (a social media podcast). You will not want to miss this, so sign up today.

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Facebook-Off Video

Toooooo funny. For all you Facebook fans.

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