Posted by: postergirl | June 2, 2007

Facebook F8 Keynote Speech: A Must See!

Mark Zuckerber’s very interesting pitch to 800 developers at the San Francisco Design Center about Facebook Platform is available on video.

Here are some of the highlights:

* Facebook adds over 100,000 users per day
* Current user base over 24 Million (growing at a rate of 3% per week since opening network to the public in Fall 2006)
* Expected to reach 50 Million active users by end of 2007
* 50% of users not in college, by end of year estimated to be 75% not in college
* 25 and older is the fastest growing demographic
* 50% of users use Facebook everyday (including yours truly)
* Recently passed eBay in daily traffic, and working on passing Google (yay!!)
* Number one photo sharing application on the ‘Net despite lacking features of others like Photobucket
* Facebook’s Events application more used than Evite

Check out the video!



  1. Hmmmm…I guess I am still puzzled about the purpose of facebook and if it drives traffic to your blog:-(

  2. Well as a social media application, you may be able to increase your network of friends, and publish a newsfeed of your blog’s posts within your “Notes” area. Perhaps a blog feature is in the works as well, like you can share Digg, Ma.gnolia bookmarks and bookmarks through your profile. I’ve added my blog URL to my profile and get a trickle of traffic. Not sure how much my friends really care about social media geek stuff, ha ha. I’ve seen a couple of my more techno-savvy friends using the notes area, though to promote their blog.

  3. They aren’t trying to be like Digg or StumbleUpon where “driving traffic” is a key component. Digg and StumbleUpon wouldn’t exisit in their current forms or be as popular if it weren’t for the traffic surge are capable of generating for a site; often times the result of mass manipulation. I highly doubt that driving traffic to a blog is ever mentioned by the gus running Facebook and MySpace, Hi5, etc. This compares to true bloger social networks such as & MyBlogLog, whose focus is on bloggers. Even so I know that MBL stated that sending traffic is a benefit of beloning however it isnt a primary purpose of MBL. is newer than MBL however we plan on releasing features that will drive more traffic to blogs.

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